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Cambridge Black Medics Society is a community that encourages, inspires and empowers, amidst the challenges and complexities of being black and studying medicine at Cambridge.

About Us


The core aims of our society can be summarised through our three veins:


We hold academic and social events throughout the year to provide opportunities for both social and career-focused networking. 
Through the growing CBMS network, we connect with Black doctors and professionals with medical backgrounds, both locally (in Cambridge and London) and across the world. In this way, we provide opportunities for both personal and professional growth as well as forming long lasting friendships.



Welfare is at the heart of this society and we aim to provide a (much needed) base for both pastoral and academic welfare. For academic support, we have created a resource bank and offer termly revision sessions to help students navigate both the medical sphere and the University of Cambridge.


As part of our passionate pursuit of racial equality in medicine, as a society, we are working with the School of Clinical Medicine to discuss and implement improvements to the medical curriculum.

You can read more about our origins and mission in this article by our founder and former President, Oliver.

black man with cornrows and a high neck sweater, smiling

Oliver Moodie, founder of Cambridge Black Medics Society

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